Kauai Podcast #9: Getting Married on Kauai

Leo and Nancy

Leo and Nancy

Getting Married on Kauai

The Hawaiian Islands are lush, full of beauty, and inspire romance.  Hundreds of thousands of people are drawn to the romance of these islands every year, and many of those people feel it is not only a perfect vacation spot, but an ideal place to get married or renew your vows.  More than 20,000 marriages are performed each year on the islands, and nearly half of the couples married here are from somewhere else.

In this episode of Kauai Podcast we speak with Leo and Nancy, two awesome people who were married on Kauai last year.  They share their incredible story of finding true love, and then talk in depth about planning their marriage on Kauai.  For anyone even thinking about getting married on Kauai, listening to this show is a must.  Whether you have a small, intimate, and inexpensive wedding in mind, or a large and grand one, this show has budget tips, great advice, and useful information for everyone.

As discussed in the podcast, the following links are invaluable resources:
Kauai Paradise Weddings:  Leo and Nancy’s Wedding Website
Kauai DPH wedding info:  All you need to know about the legal stuff and getting a license. Need relationship coaching to find that right person to marry?  Nancy’s Website.

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