Kauai Podcast #7: Traveling To, and Arriving on, Kauai

So Nice To Be Here!

Traveling To, and Arriving On, Kauai

This show discusses everything you need to know about packing for, traveling to, and arriving on, the island of Kauai.  When talking about packing, we discuss not only the most important things you need to remember, but also some major things you should leave at home.  Since the only effective way to reach Kauai is by flying, we spend some time discussing fear of flying, which many people are forced to face on their way here.  Once arriving on the island, I will discuss my thoughts on picking up a rental car, grabbing a bite, and where everyone’s first stop should be.  I’ll also give out a must have iPhone app for your Kauai vacation, and discuss some ideas for things to do on your first day. This show marks the last episode of our “vacation prep” series and the beginning of our arrival to, and exploring of, the Island of Kauai.

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