Kauai Podcast #25: “Lucky We Live Hawaii” Podcasters, Bruce Fisher and Wayde Fishman

LWLHLucky We Live Hawaii Podcasters, Bruce Fisher and Wayde Fishman

Today I am really happy to bring you an interview with the two hosts of the Lucky We Live Hawaii podcast, Bruce Fisher and Wayde Fishman.  If you haven’t listened to their show before, you really should.  Their show is really different from most things you see pertaining to Hawaii, because they not only talk about the good things that we see in every travel brochure, but they also talk about current events and the challenges and the reality of daily living in Hawaii.  Both are locals who have lived in Hawaii for 20 plus years, and they bring that experience to their shows.

If you have listened to their show before, today you’re going to get a chance to learn a little about each of them in a more in-depth and personal manner through two separate interviews.  With Wayde, we are going to hear about his moving to the islands, how living in Hawaii has changed him, challenges facing Hawaii and what he is doing to help, and a unique tour company that he started which I think is an amazing idea.  With Bruce, we are going to hear about his background in radio as a newcomer to Oahu, Hurricane Iniki, how he got into the travel business, what it’s like to own a travel business, and what people should know when booking their vacations.

As discussed in the show, I have included the following links:
Wayde’s Website and Jeep Tours
808 Cleanups
The Price for Paradise – Episode 1
Hawaii Aloha Travel
Lucky We Live Hawaii Podcast Website

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