Kauai Podcast #18: Purchasing Real Estate on Kauai

Own a Piece of Paradise

Owning a Peice of Paradise

Buying Property on Kauai

I’m really excited to bring you this episode.  If you have ever even considered owning a piece of Kauai, then this episode is truly a “don’t miss”.  Packed full of info about purchasing property and investing in real estate on Kauai, this episode contains of two interviews.  Part one covers the basics of buying property on Kauai with Steve Whitney, a real estate broker with Hawaii Life realty.  Part two, an interview with real estate investor Luke Hofacker, discusses purchasing and owning a property as an investment or vacation rental.

Subjects covered include… the difference between fee simple, leasehold, fractional ownerships, and timeshare.  Pros and cons of purchasing a condo vs. a single family home.  Best places on the island to purchase.  Things to watch for and be aware of.  Purchasing and owning a vacation rental.  Managing a vacation rental yourself vs. using a management company… and much, much more.

As discussed in the podcast, I have included the following links:
Website of Steve Whitney, broker with Hawaii Life Realty
VRBO page for Luke Hofackers vacation rental on Kauai
House Bill 2078 in its final form before it passed

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