Kauai Podcast #17: Is Moving to Hawaii the Right Decision for You?

MovingToHawaiiIs Moving to Hawaii the Right Decision for You?

Many people come to the islands and never want to leave.  Every time I come here I meet someone new who originally came for a short vacation, but decided to simply skip their flight home and just stay.  Countless others have gone home, sold everything, and moved back as quickly as possible.  These people with the courage to do that have always amazed me.  On one hand I really admire their courage, and I’m jealous of their ability to grasp life by the horns.  On the other I wonder if acting so abruptly is the smartest move, and I wonder how they do it.  Today we are going to talk about giving into your desires, overcoming your fears, and actually acting on this emotion.  We are going to talk about moving to Hawaii.

In an awesome interview, we are going to talk with Michele Meyer, author of the eBook, “Moving to Hawaii, A Step-by-Step Guide”.  Michele not only wrote the book, but took the plunge by moving to Oahu a few years back.  Her book chronicles, in step by step detail, everything you will need to know to make a successful move to the islands.  We’ll also talk about the reality of moving to the islands, and ask, “Is it really the right decision for you?”


Michele’s Blog and Website about moving to, and living in, Hawaii
Michele’s book: “Moving to Hawaii, A Step-by-Step Guide


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