Kauai Podcast #15: Ultimate Kauai Guidebook Author, Andrew Doughty

Kauai Revealed

Kauai Revealed

Ultimate Kauai Guidebook Author, Andrew Doughty

All I can say about today’s show is… Wow!!! …A dream come true show!  Today I am totally honored to bring you the author of the Ultimate Guidebook Series, Andrew Doughty, in a rare and completely candid interview.  Andrew has created four truly amazing guidebooks, often referred to by travelers as the “blue bibles”, and for good reason… His series of travel guidebooks are by far the most popular on the islands, and are also some of the most popular travel books in the world.

Whichever island you find yourself on, it often seems as if you can’t go five minutes without seeing one of them. They include “The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook”, commonly known as “Kauai Revealed”, “Hawaii the Big Island Revealed; The Ultimate Guidebook”, “Maui Revealed; The Ultimate Guidebook”, and “Oahu Revealed; The Ultimate Guide to Honolulu, Waikiki, and Beyond”.

In this “can’t miss” episode, we discuss his background, the making of his first book, how he found so many of his hidden gems, some of the problems that can arise with massive success, and many other aspects of his books and these islands.

Andrew’s official website also contains a goldmine of information for anyone looking to book a hotel or condo on the island, you can find it at the following link:


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