Kauai Podcast #12: The Coco Palms Hotel, with David Penhallow

The Coco Palms Lagoon

The Coco Palms Lagoon

The Coco Palms Hotel, with David Penhallow

If you were to see The Coco Palms Hotel today, you would see tattered buildings and overgrown landscaping.  You would sense the broken memories of a place that was once amazing. … and still it would call to you.  Coco Palms was once the premier hotel in all the Hawaiian Islands, and for good reason.  Even today, 20 years after being destroyed in Hurricane Iniki, Coco Palms still gives off a magic unlike any other resort.

Today we are going to talk with David Penhallow, author of the book The Story of the Coco Palms Hotel.  This great interview will take you back to 1950s Kauai, and Coco Palms in all it’s glory.  I am so excited about this show on many levels.  I think everyone, whether or not they have seen or even heard of Coco Palms before, should hear its story, and I don’t think there is anyone better suited to tell you the story than David.  The story of Coco Palms is not just a story of Kauai History, it’s a story of living and loving life, it’s a story of “spreading aloha”, it’s a story of kindness to others, it’s a story of romance, and it could also be a story told in business schools.

As mentioned in the show, I have included the following links:
The Story of the Coco Palms Hotel: The Grace Buscher Guslander Years 1953-1985Video: The Ghosts of Coco Palms

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