Kauai Podcast #10: The Journey to Secret Falls

Secret Falls

Secret Falls

The Journey to Secret Falls

Going on the journey to Secret Falls always accounts for one of my favorite days on Kauai.  It consists of a two mile kayak trip up the gorgeous Wailua River, followed by a one mile hike through the jungle to a beautiful waterfall. This week we meet up with Connie and Gerson, who are actually in Kauai on vacation, and who just returned from this adventure. In a fantastic conversation recorded literally just two hours after they returned from the river, we discuss their day kayaking the river, hiking through the jungle to the falls, and a side trip they took to the Fern Grotto.  Towards the end of the conversation we also discuss a few aspects of their trip and, on the heels of last week, their marriage in Kauai four years ago.

There are two ways to experience this journey, in a guided tour group, which is a very popular way of doing it, and the less popular way that I recommend… by renting a kayak and doing it yourself.  Strict limitations are imposed on the amount of people that are allowed to do this trip solo.  So, at the end of the show I also bring you another short interview with Tian, one of the owners of Wailua Kayak Adventures, about restrictions on kayaking this river solo and other great tips you need to know to make your day perfect.

As discussed in the episode, I have included the following links:
Connie’s Video of the Day:  Created on her iPhone during the return trip
Wailua Kayak Adventures:  Their website

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