Kauai Podcast #1: Kauai, Hawaii’s Gem


Bali Hai from Tunnels Beach

Kauai:  The Gem of Hawaii
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Thanks for coming along with me on my “Escape to Kauai”.  During the course of this show we will explore the island of Kauai in an in depth and personal way.  In this inaugural episode of the Kauai Podcast, I introduce myself, Ty Whitman, to you and talk about my passion for the Hawaiian Islands.  I give some background about my trips to the Islands before stating why I think Kauai is better than Hawaii, Maui, and Oahu. In talking about Maui I tell the story about my horrible attempt to spend the night in Hana.  After that, I explain the scope of upcoming episodes, which will include several “planning for the trip to Kauai” shows, just like planning a real vacation.  Topics will include an island tour, things to know about Hawaiian culture before you go, “Is Kauai the island for you?”, vacation planning, 10 best activities, and 10 must eats.  After that, we will arrive on Kauai with a “your first day” show.  Then the show will move into individual episodes that explore the island by focusing on specific subjects, such as individual activities which we will go on together (kayaking the Na Pali coast), interviews with locals about island history (Hurricane Iniki, Hanapepe), and Hawaiian culture.   I end the show by giving much thanks to Jayme Kelly Curtis for allowing me to use her original song “Swept Away” as the music for this podcast, and playing a clip of her song.  The entire song can be found at her website below or in iTunes. I’m totally excited about this journey, and look forward to having you along with me.

Podcast opening song: Swept Away, by Jayme Kelly Curtis (personal website)

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